The Art of Chi

The Art of Chi website was created in just a single day. Myself, the DigiGround Creative Director and a photographer came together on a Sunday with the owner of this new store. We met at 10am and by 7pm has completed and deployed the entire design and website.

While the Creative Director was designing the concept, colors, logo and branding, I got to work registering domain name, setting up hosting, instaling WordPress and the theme and building wire frames for the required pages. Our photographer spent his time taking photos of each products, taking thousands of photos in different setups, lighting and concepts.

Once that was done, we broke for lunch, then met together again afterwards to see where we were up to.

The photographer gave the Creative Director his photos, she gave me the branding and logos and we were off again.

The Creative Director worked on filling in the wire frames I had made with the design and photos, doing a large amount of editing and trial and error, while I wrote content and filled in the required places.

In just a short period of time, we had a fully functioning website with a link to the etsy store online and available for Art of Chi to start selling their products.

Check out Art of Chi now.