Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing)

Deakin University

Still working on this one.



General Manager from Nov 2016

  • Ensure ongoing excellence in project management, rigorous project evaluation, and a high and consistent quality of ongoing work in in all aspects of the company
  • Active engagement of clients for the purpose of procuring work
  • Develop, maintain, and manage the company, provide advice on strategic matters, and facilitate strong and effective staff involvement with ongoing projects
  • Recruit, develop, and retain a small, high performance team of staff
  • Track the effectiveness, develop improvements for, and implement those improvements, on ongoing projects
  • Oversee and manage the implementation of the company’s strategic plan
  • Lead the management team to its goal of professionalisation and growth, by procuring permanent office space, developing administrative guidelines and policies, and hiring staff where required to assist the company in meeting its goals
  • Develop and implement effective systems to ensure that all activities of the company are performed in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Engage, energise, and motivate staff members, increasing awareness and participation in the company’s activities
  • Ensure that the necessary paperwork, contracts and forms and correctly completed and filed, and that all contractual obligations of the company and its clients are met
  • Develop and investigate new revenue sources, and manage existing revenue sources
  • Develop and manage a portfolio of individual staff related projects for the DigiWorld method
  • Ensure a high standard of accountability and administration for all revenue raising
  • Ensure that the company retains a positive and strong environment and public profile for employees and clients
  • Annually review the company’s strategic plan to assess progress towards the company’s goals
  • Lead the management team in reviewing items in the strategic plan to ensure that the plan remains relevant
  • Identify new opportunities for the company to meet its goals, and build on existing projects to maximise the value they provide

Diploma of Marketing

Australian Institute of Professional Education



Digital Operations Manager from Sep 2012 to Sep 2016 | 4 yrs 11 mos

  • Involved in the building and management of the online section of the company for recruitment and marketing
  • Oversaw and Project Managed deployment of 3 versions of advanced database systems which includes the Student Management System, Application and Enrolment System, Marketing & Compliance System, Academic Administration System, Phone Systems, HR Management system. The Electronic Business Machine is a fully customised solution for management of all aspects of the college based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Rebuilt the website after cost of acquisition, SEO and CRO was drastically reduced. In just 3 months saw an increase in website contacts of 250%
  • Manage the Digital Marketing Team who deal with all design and development of marketing campaigns to both current and potential students
  • Oversaw an improvement in interaction rate for student communications increasing the email opens & clicks from less than 1% to 21% average
  • Management of the System Support team who oversee support for the EBM, Call Centre Software, Email Marketing Software
  • Management of the eLearning team who administer and develop the advanced eLearning Moodle Platform
  • Recreated all marketing materials to match current compliance in just 2 weeks
  • Monitor and maintain compliance of all marketing materials

Reason for leaving – Business closure


Milton College

Registrar from Aug 2007 to Aug 2012 | 5 yrs 1 mo

  • Personally developed a fully customised Student Management System in MS Access
  • Was responsible for issuing Offer Letters, Payment Receipts and eCOEs with a 10 minute response time
  • Managed all administrative staff
  • Responsible for the management and compliance of all aspects of the college for National Code, ESOS, RTO Standards
  • Oversaw movement of 150 High School age students from one campus to another
  • Reduced costs across the board and streamlined payments to ensure company survival for 2 years
  • Made arrangements with High Schools for direct student referrals which removed the need for education agents

Reason for leaving – New job opportunity



Student Services Coordinator from Jan 2007 to Jun 2007 | 7 mos

  • Fastest response time for over the counter student queries
  • Processing applications, enrolments and FEE-HELP payments over the counter
  • Weekly filing
  • Dealing with domestic student enquiries for courses, classes and concession cards
  • Advised on suggested courses and pathways for desired outcomes of potential students

Reason for leaving – Temporary Contract


Australian Pacific College

Senior Student Services Officer from Jan 2004 to Sep 2006 | 2 yrs 10 mos

  • Processing applications, payments and eCOES for International Students
  • Supervision of Student Services and reception staff
  • Oversaw class enrolments of 2,000+ students
  • Responsible for all High School Preparation and High School Students and their administration
  • Data analysis and predictive models for management
  • Account management of largest partner
  • Marketing of courses
  • Assisted in moving student services department to a different floor

Reason for leaving – Looking for industry experience in Higher Education


Diploma of Information Technology



The Computer Outlet

Assistant Manager from Nov 2002 to Dec 2004 | 2 yrs 2 mos

  • Overseeing store operations and staff management
  • Managing sales team and technical team
  • Servicing customer enquiries and making sales
  • Met weekly sales targets each week
  • Responsible for ordering stock and maintaining stock levels
  • Repairs of computers and software
  • Warranty servicing

Reason for leaving – Company closure


Eagle Boys

Assistant Manager from Jun 2002 to Sep 2002 | 4 mos

  • Management of shifts
  • Management of staff
  • Making and delivery of take away and delivery orders
  • Store opening and closure
  • Cash reconciliations

Reason for leaving – Moved to a another city



Staff Member from Jun 2001 to Nov 2001 | 5 mos

  • Stock take
  • Stock management
  • Working “on the floor” to deal with customer enquiries
  • Cashier

Reason for leaving – Moved to another city


The Smiths Snackfood Company

Office Services Coordinator from Jun 2001 to Nov 2001 | 5 mos

  • Mail management
  • Assisted marketing in mass mail outs of new products
  • Management of all office services
  • Assisted finance department with accounts reconciliation

Reason for leaving – Temporary contract


Harris Technology

Database Coordinator from Jan 2001 to Mar 2001 | 3 mos

  • Entering products into database after new database deployment
  • Ensuring consistency between advertisement and products in database
  • Answering sales people enquiries and correcting data
  • Successfully participated in the development and launch of a brand new database

Reason for leaving – Temporary contract


Hyder Consulting

Accounts Clerk from Mar 1999 to Dec 2000 | 1 yr 10 mos

  • Data entry of all accounts, including timesheets (payroll), payments (payables) and receipts (receivables)
  • Payroll processing
  • Management of all staff files
  • Management of all supplier files
  • Database & accounts reconciliation
  • Created a database of accounts codes for easy cross referencing

Reason for leaving – Took a new job
To read more about my time at Hyder Consulting click here.


Diploma of Information Technology



Pizza Hut

Crew Trainer from Mar 1995 to Jan 1999 | 3 yrs 11 mos

  • Youngest Crew Trainer in the history of Pizza Hut (at the time)
  • Training of staff in all back of house (make, cut, wash) and front of house (services, waiting, greeting, bussing) duties.
  • Weekly staff rosters
  • Supervision of team members
  • Store opening and closing
  • Cash reconciliation
  • Implemented process solutions to ensure smoothness of operations

Reason for leaving – Store closure
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