Digital Operations Manager from Sep 2012 to Sep 2016 | 4 yrs 11 mos

  • Involved in the building and management of the online section of the company for recruitment and marketing
  • Oversaw and Project Managed deployment of 3 versions of advanced database systems which includes the Student Management System, Application and Enrolment System, Marketing & Compliance System, Academic Administration System, Phone Systems, HR Management system. The Electronic Business Machine is a fully customised solution for management of all aspects of the college based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Rebuilt the website after cost of acquisition, SEO and CRO was drastically reduced. In just 3 months saw an increase in website contacts of 250%
  • Manage the Digital Marketing Team who deal with all design and development of marketing campaigns to both current and potential students
  • Oversaw an improvement in interaction rate for student communications increasing the email opens & clicks from less than 1% to 21% average
  • Management of the System Support team who oversee support for the EBM, Call Centre Software, Email Marketing Software
  • Management of the eLearning team who administer and develop the advanced eLearning Moodle Platform
  • Recreated all marketing materials to match current compliance in just 2 weeks
  • Monitor and maintain compliance of all marketing materials

Reason for leaving – Business closure