The Computer Outlet

While I was working at The Computer Outlet it was a running joke amongst the staff members to call it The Computer Toilet. So much one time I answered the phone “Thanks for calling The Computer Toilet”.

The Computer Outlet was a second hand and refurbished computer store located in Sydney’s West. It had multiple stores before it all came crashing down and shut up shop.

I wanted to be a computer technician, but ended up being a salesman instead. I realised that I wasn’t a salesman because I wasn’t invested enough in myself.

My name is John Luhr and this is my website. Here you can read about my time at The Computer Outlet. I worked there from the time it opened till the time it closed down and it was another period of interest in my life. I learnt how to sell. But I really wanted to be a computer technician. Actually, I kind of did both anyways.

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