John Luhr Hobbies

I have a few hobbies, and so in the John Luhr Hobbies section you will find my thoughts and musings about them. I’m an avid lover of comic books and super heroes. Especially Batman. I love that super heroes can be so unrealistic and that’s why I enjoy DC Comics more than Marvel, because they just don’t seem to ground themselves in realism as much.

I also really love music. All music. Although I am really a 90s grunge fan, I also enjoy crazy various types of music. I really find that music affects people in so many different ways and can make people have so many different feelings.

I am also insane about my sports. Rugby League and the St George Illawarra Dragons especially. And the UFC I love love love. I practice Brazilian Ju Jitsu and spend a lot of my time at the gym training.

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