While I was working at The Smiths Snackfood Company I also spent time working at Priceline on the weekends. I learnt to be patient in my boredom and just how hard it is to work a register.

I also learnt the value of great customer service and why the rule of “The customer is always right” exists. It was a busy time in my life, where I was working 13/14 days and trying to save money for the pending birth of my first child.

Working at Priceline as a 20 year old showed me many different things and introduced me to many different situations that I value as part of my working experience. It also made me realise and know that working this kind of job was not for me.

I’m John Luhr and I worked a register at Priceline for a few months. This is where you can read about it and find out more about my time.

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