John Luhr Musings

This is where you’ll mind my musings. Blogs which don’t have a particular reference to anything specific in my life, but are more the thoughts in my head.

The topic can be a range of things that don’t really match any of the other categories. For example, what I think about managing your online identity, or my thoughts on some politic happenstance in the world.

I try to write at least one blog per week but I don’t always get there, and I also might eventually run out of my life story, so I will have to find something to talk about.

My name is John Luhr and this is my website. It’s a detailed description of my experiences, hobbies, work history and whatever else I feel like putting down.

You can read my resume, see photos I have taken, read my blog and read about me. I have an assortment of hobbies and a lot of different experiences.

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