John Luhr at Hyder Consulting

For almost 2 years I was working at Hyder Consulting in the accounts department as an Accounts Clerk. I had no previous experience in this field but impressed at the interview so got the job. I found the work monotonous and easy and impressed them with my speed an ability.

At the end I looked for some greener grass and made a mistake in how I left. You can read all about it here and find out why I made a mistake I still regret but also don’t.

Mistakes in your career bring you to where you are today, it’s okay to regret them, but you also need to remember this important piece. Without the mistakes, you wouldn’t be where you are today. Mistakes and errors hurt at the time, but can also bring you somewhere better.

For other blogs, head to the John Luhr Blog page. You’ll read about my other jobs and hobbies there.

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