Becoming an Accounts Clerk

Part 01 – My Second Job

Part 02 – Becoming an Accounts Clerk

Part 03 – Learning The Job

Part 04 – Moving Too Fast

Part 05 – Improving Processes

Part 06 – Making the Wrong Choice

All that research, training, practice and all prepared me a total of exactly zero for this interview. It was with 2 very strong and intelligent women who asked me more questions than I’d ever been asked, totally grilled me for about an hour and a half. They didn’t let me ask them any questions, but asked a lot of questions about my personality, how I work, what I do in my spare time, my experience with computers. The list went on and on and on.

I wasn’t really confident when I left the interview, but I did leave them with a smart alec “Okay, thanks for the interview, I’ll hear from you soon when you call with a job offer and I’ll see you when I start on Monday”.

I hopped on the train from St Leonards back to where I was living and when I got home there was a message to call the recruiter. She congratulated me and told me I had gotten the job and would be starting Monday. I really couldn’t believe it. But apparently my farewell had made them laugh and they thought I answered all the other questions confidently and with great knowledge. So, I was the new Accounts Clerk with Hyder Consulting starting the following Monday and I was about to learn all about Accounts Payable, Receivable, Payroll, Taxation, Reporting and every other type of accounts there are.

This was also before even the announcement of GST in Australia, so everything was completely different back then, and if my life was on the line, I wouldn’t be able to recall anything that I really did there at this point in time. But still. It was my brand new job.