Moving Too Fast

Part 01 – My Second Job

Part 02 – Becoming an Accounts Clerk

Part 03 – Learning The Job

Part 04 – Moving Too Fast

Part 05 – Improving Processes

Part 06 – Making the Wrong Choice

And so, after a couple of weeks, we said goodbye with a cake and a lunch for the old accounts clerk and the role became my own.

Week one I started to enter the estimated hours. This was previously taking about a week and a half with the other half of the second week doing the cross match and reconciliation.

I finished it in one day.

I was sure there was something wrong. I had entered 200 time sheets in a single day, something that was supposed to take 7 working days. They were very simple to do actually, it was basically just entering five days for each employee and pressing save. It was a couple of minutes per person.

But seriously, I thought something must really be wrong, I must have done something wrong. So I re-did it a few times over the next few days to make sure the data was right and I was doing it correctly.

Half way through the next week, the actual timesheets came in, and so I did the reconciliation and correction. It was meant to take 3 days. It took a couple of hours. It was basically just correcting some days to sick leave. Other than that, it was nothing, just cross matching a report with the pieces of paper.

Again, I thought something was wrong. So I checked and re-checked over the next few days and then at the end of the 2 week period, I submitted the report to the Payroll officer letting her know who to pay and how much. She was extremely surprised and told me, actually they’d informed the entire company payroll might be late this month due to a new accounts clerk.

And so she spent a day going over my work and found it was right (I had checked and re-checked it multiple times to of course it was).

My next duty started. Well, first I took all those time sheets and reports and added them to the filing pile that was apparently 2 years old (it was boxes and boxes of files). And then, the accounts receivable officer and accounts payable officer gave me their reports of who had paid to the company and what we had paid from the company, and I had to enter them into the database.

Again, this was meant to take 2 weeks.

I finished it in one day.