Improving Processes

Part 01 – My Second Job

Part 02 – Becoming an Accounts Clerk

Part 03 – Learning The Job

Part 04 – Moving Too Fast

Part 05 – Improving Processes

Part 06 – Making the Wrong Choice

Okay, so it wasn’t a coincidence. Since I was about 6 years old or so I had been typing on a computer and I had recently had my data entry and typing speeds checked by those recruitment agents. At the time my typing speed was around the 100 wpm and my ten key speed was around 10,500ksph. So, I was fast.  Like super fast. And it showed.

After the first month, I decided to, of my own accord, start getting through those filing boxes and get all the time sheets and reports filed. That was okay and filled my days. The data entry was being done, accurately, and so no one questioned why I was spending 4 days a week filing. I stopped pre-entering the time sheets and just entered them on the day they came in for payroll (much more efficient). I asked the payables and receivable guys to give me their data to enter each day instead of once a month.

After a little while, the CFO noticed things were being done quickly and accurately and real time reporting (as real time as it got in those days) was pretty much a thing now. He didn’t have to wait each month to analyse receivables and payables, he could get a report every day and see how the company was going.

He was able to use this information to make better suggestions for improvement to systems and processes and expenditure.

We were also able to analyse real time costings of actual jobs which meant we started to save the company money.

I worked at this company for almost 2 years but the salary was just so, so low. It was an huge increase from my Pizza Hut days, but was still very low. And so when a new opportunity came I took it.