Making the Wrong Choice

Part 01 – My Second Job

Part 02 – Becoming an Accounts Clerk

Part 03 – Learning The Job

Part 04 – Moving Too Fast

Part 05 – Improving Processes

Part 06 – Making the Wrong Choice

See, a friend of mine was a supervisor at Harris Technology and they were updating their database. He offered me a temporary contract to come and help them build the database. I was avidly interested in becoming some kind of I.T. guy (it was around this time I studied a Diploma of IT) and so I took it.

When I broke the news to the team at Hyder, they were not really happy. They told me they had planned to offer me an education package and pay for me to further my career in the accounts field and so on and so forth.

I wasn’t really interested so I didn’t take it.

They offered to salary match.

I wasn’t really interested so I didn’t take it.

And so I left. I moved to Harris Technology to help them “build” their new database. On a temporary contract, expecting my friend to get me a long term IT job.

So here’s what happened.

A day after I started at Harris, my friend left in a bad way.

My job at Harris was purely manual data entry from their old database into their new database.

There were a few people in the same boat, where they were on temporary contracts.

In other words, I had no real chance of a long term IT job, and I moved to a new data entry job with no prospects.

The commute was extreme, one long train ride, 2 busses so I had to leave home an hour earlier than I had previously.

I lasted a very short time and then finished up there and moved on.

What did I learn? The grass is not always greener. And actually sometimes, when you go to the “greener” grass, you have to travel a long time to get to work.

I don’t regret leaving my job at Hyder, I never really wanted to be an accountant. But I do regret going from something I was super good at to a high risk job.