My Second Job

Part 01 – My Second Job

Part 02 – Becoming an Accounts Clerk

Part 03 – Learning The Job

Part 04 – Moving Too Fast

Part 05 – Improving Processes

Part 06 – Making the Wrong Choice

Sometime soon after I finished up at Pizza Hut I really wanted to branch out on my own and live with some people in a share house (haha, on my own, live with some people). To do this I obviously needed an income to pay rent, for food, electricity and the other things. It was also definitely required for me to have the internet, because being the nerd I am, I wanted this new and amazing thing that wasn’t very popular yet. Actually, it had been around for a few years, but seriously, no one had it in their house because it was super expensive and you needed to use the phone line, so no one wanted to have their only source of contact blocked by some weird new technology.

So anyways, I digress. I needed a job so I could fund my next big life adventure and I was basically willing to take anything that came along. I attended a few interviews but wasn’t sure what I could do, aside from cook pizzas, I wasn’t sure how to get a job even to tell you the truth.

It was suggested I go to some recruitment agencies, so I looked in the yellow pages and made a bunch of phone calls from my land line. I went to the local Kinkos and printed a stack of resumes and made a stack of appointments with these agencies and went along to a stack of interviews.

It was a real learning experience, asking the recruiters for advice, how to be interviewed, what behaviour to exhibit, what questions I should ask, how I should answer questions and also how to dress.

After maybe 20 of these appointments, I had my technique down pat and sat by the phone waiting for the calls to come in. One of these was a recruiter letting me know she had a potential job for me, however, I was probably the 20th potential that had been sent to this company for an interview. They were a very close knit team that was looking for someone junior to fit in. All the employees in the team were in their mid to late 30s but they wanted a junior person to replace their junior that was leaving.

The job was as an accounts clerk for an engineering company called Hyder Consulting. And so interview I did.