My First Lost Job

Part 01 – My First Job

Part 02 – My First Easy Job

Part 03 – My First Promotion

Part 04 – My First Failure

Part 05 – My First Lesson

Part 06 – My First Lost Job

After maybe my 30th skipped day of work, the assistant manager at the store said to me that it’s not working and maybe I shouldn’t work there anymore. And so I took the firing on the chin and started looking for another job. But, it wasn’t 2 days later that my manager called me and asked me if I could do a shift on wash.

And I started again. Back to wash, back to doing the occasional shifts, sometimes for cash in hand this time.

When the first store closed down, my manager moved to a store in the city, and after one week of working there she called me and asked if I wanted a job. I took the job and we made a plan for how I could work there without having the same sorts of problems that I had at the last time. See, she worked with me, found a solution and we worked together well.

At this place, I would never do a night shift, then a morning shift. There was always breaks. I wouldn’t have to do the shifts I hated, and I wouldn’t have the frustrating duties like rostering and close of shift.

Instead I was just a crew trainer. I just did the morning dough, and the night time make close. These were the only two types of jobs I enjoyed, so the only two I was always going to come for.

Unfortunately that store also closed a short time later. And, unfortunately again, I wasn’t able to go with my manager to her new store. Instead I was placed in the express store down the road. This I hated, because there was no make. It was just churning out hundreds of little pizzas of 4 types.

I couldn’t handle it and so I quit 2 weeks later.

So, in conclusion, Pizza Hut taught me a lot about taking responsibility for my actions. For those of myself and of my staff. It taught me about working with people to get the best out of them, and it also taught me that some people are just not ready for management and responsibility when it’s offered to them. It taught me that just because you are good at your job, it doesn’t mean you are able to manage other people in that role.

Pizza Hut was about 4 years of my life and the beginning of my working journey. I will always remember it as a great learning experience and will always cherish the memories.