My First Job

Part 01 – My First Job

Part 02 – My First Easy Job

Part 03 – My First Promotion

Part 04 – My First Failure

Part 05 – My First Lesson

Part 06 – My First Lost Job

When I was 15 odd, I was semi attending school of course. Well, let’s take a step back, when I was 13 odd, I started to semi attend school. What this meant was, I would go to school for roll call and then leave school grounds and go and do whatever I wanted. This was pretty much every day of my school life for a couple of years.

But when I was 15 odd, I was semi attending school and got my first job at Pizza Hut. My friend had been working there for a few months, he was a year older, and was able to recommend me for a job. So, I started there doing 2 nights a week on “wash”. What this meant was, I was in the backroom for 4.5 hours (total allowable hours for the week at this time was 9) getting handed a continual flow of dishes, having to spray them and put them in a tray and then put them in a dishwasher.

The dishwasher was a two-minute cycle, so I could spray a second and third tray up in that two minutes to prepare them. Then unpack the tray as it came out and move on and on and on. This was one of the most monotonous experiences I had had ever in my life.

It was easy. I mean, seriously easy. There was other tasks that had to be completed during the night like making a certain amount of sauce (2 tins of tomato paste, two spice packages, water to fill the bucket, mix, add an MRD (Made/Ready/Discard) sticker, put in cool room, spray, push dishes in, unpack, add pasta to the pasta cooker, spray, push dishes in, unpack, take pasta out of pasta cooker and so on and so forth for 4.5 hours, twice a week with a half hour break. So this was my first job.