My First Easy Job

Part 01 – My First Job

Part 02 – My First Easy Job

Part 03 – My First Promotion

Part 04 – My First Failure

Part 05 – My First Lesson

Part 06 – My First Lost Job

After a couple of months of this, the manager noticed that I was spending a lot of time standing around doing nothing, and I was also finishing the end of shift requirements (wash all dishes) about 45 minutes before my shift would end. And this is when I realised I was now in my first easy job.

She started to give me the task of helping break down the “make” table (where the pizzas were made), mopping the floors and whatever else had to be done to fill my time. What started to happen though was everyone in the store started to finish their jobs early because I was helping them. It came to a point where they were considering reducing the shift times by half an hour for everyone, but instead I suggested moving out of the wash room and into something else.

And so, I moved to the make table, and spent a couple of weeks learning to make pizzas, for dine-in, takeway, and works (all you can eat pizza, pasta, salad and dessert for $7.95). The new challenge was great, I spent a few months doing this, and before long the manager noticed I was standing around a lot waiting for new orders to come in, and finishing my close faster than everyone else.

So we came to the same conundrum. What to do with John? And so, they first increased my shifts to 4 per week, and started to train me on ovens (cutting and deliverying the pizzas as they came out), floor (being a waiter), prep (cutting vegetables and making dough) and close (doing the managerial duties at the end of the night). They were preparing me to be a shift supervisor and I was only age 15!

So, when the manager put in for me to become a shift supervisor, she was summarily knocked back. The problem, a 15 year old can’t run a shift in a dine-in restaurant because of the alcohol service. It was a crushing disappointment for me because I was so looking forwards to going from $4 to $6 per hour.

Also I really wanted to lord over my friend just how awesome I was that I could now boss him around.

But, it was okay, she came up with an ingenious solution to the problem. And that’s how My First Easy Job became My First Promotion.