Collaboration apps do more than just digitise old ways of working – they also make new ways possible. Digital collaboration works when communication is embedded into the way your team’s work is performed, so that they accept it as a normal part of the way they do their job. It’s also a good idea to set objectives for your team, for example, using Trello to increase knowledge sharing. In this blog, Amjad Khanche discusses digital collaboration and its benefits to the workplace.

Amjad Khanche on Digital Collaboration

To encourage your team to collaborate digitally, communication tools should be readily accessible for team members on their mobile devices. Once everyone is set up, they’ll be continually connected to the digital world, even if they’re away from their desk. This can also increase engagement, since information is easy to access on the app.

Communication tools like Slack and Teams support internal communications by tailoring to a mobile audience. Apps that aren’t mobile-first often have a negative impact on engagement, and communications through paper-based forms are often ignored or overlooked by team members.

Amjad Khanche encourages digital collaboration

Get your team members to collaborate through technology by encouraging them to communicate in group chat. Engagement with internal communications occurs when team members write their own content online, and when they respond to management communications.

It seems like traditional communication methods with a top-down approach are becoming less effective and relevant in the modern workplace. Mass emails and notice board announcements are limiting the potential of engagement and response, and therefore reduces their effectiveness. Communication software, on the other hand, turns emails into group messages and converts the communal noticeboard into digital form. This not only enables news and ideas to be communicated, but also encourages teams to engage with them. Users have quick and easy access to everything, which drives them to collaborate digitally through the app.

Digital collaboration works best when:

  • Communications are based online rather than on paper
  • Your team members have access to communication tools from both inside and outside the office
  • Team members are encouraged to respond, post and share information through
  • Everyone on your team understands how to use the technology

Using technology for digital collaboration makes communication faster and more reactive. Amjad Khanche suggests downloading the app to your team’s desktop and mobile devices and encourage them to embrace this new method of work.