NSW vs QLD State of Origin App

DigiGround regularly releases applications to celebrate holidays and events. The usual cycle is one every two months. However, in the month of May I oversaw the release of two apps. The first to celebrate Mother’s Day and the second was the NSW vs QLD State of Origin App.

The Development and Design team worked with me directly and treated me like I was a client. Because I am an avid Rugby League support (St George Illawarra Dragons ftw!!) they had to ask me a lot of questions about how the actual game of Rugby League was played. Neither person in the team developing the product had any experience watching any Rugby League let alone the State of Origin. So, it was a good learning experience to deal directly  with “the client” and learn something new about a topic they weren’t interested them.

They took a brief from me which gave them a general idea of what I wanted to achieve with the main function being the combined scoreboard. They then went away and came up with an idea for a game and pitched it to me.

What came out afterwards I am very proud of, it’s a highly addictive game and I continually play it trying to keep NSW ahead of QLD on the score.

You can download this and other DigiGround Apps now on the iTunes and Google Play Stores