youchamp is the first major application that was fully designed and developed in house by DigiGround as our own product. It all started when we were trying to organise birthday gifts for some friends and we didn’t track who had paid what. While at a birthday party, a few of us including Amjad Khanche and myself were discussing the best way to handle this kind of thing in future.

Given that we are an app development company at DigiGround, we decided we would make a simple app for us to use internally to achieve our easy tracking.

We began to talk about it amongst ourselves and we realised it was an awesome idea to be able to split costs and chat about it, and also it would be even better if we could make payments right inside the app. Although there were some similar apps available on the market, none of them actually suited our needs.

And so, by asking everyone in the DigiGround team to contribute, we were able to make and launch youchamp in early 2018. Taking into account all the user feedback and working with our users, we have been able to update regularly and build the app to be better and better.

youchamp 2.0 allows users to split payments, chat, send payments directly to people without their bank details, allows recurring expenses to be set up and automatically calculates offset amounts, who owes who what and allows for easy payment.

You can download youchamp now on the App Store and Google Play Store.